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Business As Usual


To all our customers:

Despite the recent rumors circulating I want to make it known that Capella Flavors is still the company today it was prior to our partnership three years ago, the major difference being huge scaling capabilities tied with some of the best in regulatory intelligence.

As far as our flavors are concerned, its business as usual. Nothing is changing. Capella will not be eliminating flavors, other than discontinuing flavors based on lackluster sales volume. Any changes we make to our flavors all have valid supporting reasons for the change, for example, reducing flammability levels, etc.

I have seen some rumors that state Capella is going to eliminate all flavors which will not be filed with the FDA or EU TPD to support the tobacco initiative. That is outright false. Capella's flavors are used across a broad range of worldwide markets so discontinuing flavors for a single industry is just not an option.

I hope this clarifies our position as a company, we look forward to continued business.

Tom McMahon
President & CEO, Capella Flavors, Inc.

Strategic Partnership

Due to the upcoming regulations for both the FDA as well as the TPDs in Europe I would like to take this opportunity to explain changes we have made as a company enabling us to scale and handle all future business and development.In 2013, Capella Flavors, Inc. entered into a strategic partnership with Edison, New [...]

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Upcoming Regulations

To all of our valued customers and friends, Lately we have been receiving an abundance of questions regardingCapella Flavors' position on complying with the upcoming FDA and EUTPD regulations relating to the Vaping industry. Capella Flavors has always been at the forefront of all concernsof the Vaping community, hence the early adoption of [...]

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Spring 2016 Alternative and Discontinued Flavors

Look for the V2 and RF Marks. In an effort to support the concerns of our industry, Capella Flavors has offered an alternative to the following flavors:  Alternative version marked ( V2 ) or ( RF ) Flavor Formulation Name Alternative Flavor Formulation Name: Boston Cream Pie Cappuccino Cherry Cola Chocolate Fudge Brownie Double Chocolate [...]

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Capella EU TPD Shipping Update

May 2016 EU Enforcement of the TPD will not affect Capella Flavor sales in the EU. Despite the recent rumors stating otherwise.... Capella Flavors will continue shipping to our European Union customers and selling our flavor concentrates in the EU. Capella Flavors sells flavorings, not e-liquids or nicotine products. In no way will Capella Flavors be [...]

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Capella Flavor Drops are a water soluble, highly concentrated multi-purpose flavoring.

Flavor Drops have a wide range of uses:

  • Flavoring Protein Shakes
  • Add Flavor to Smoothies
  • Great for Desserts and Baking
  • Flavor Coffee and Tea
  • Naturally Flavor Plain Water or Sparkling Water

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